Speechify app review: The tool that reads to you

Speechify Review

Text-reading app

An App That Instantly Reads Texts For You

Are you looking for an app that reads any text you want for you? Speechify is an app that reads out lot any text to you. Is it worth your timne? Here is an honest review of Speechify by Alberto from Gradehacker

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Let’s cover the basis. As we have mentioned, Speechify is a desktop and movbile aupp. It’s founder has dislexia and created it as a tool for people who struggle with reading. You can use Speechify on its desktop versino, mobile version and app.

Speechify has a pretty straight-forward design, making it inntuitive and esasy-going.

You can scan docments with your camera. You can add physical books by scanning it with your phone.

How do you use speechify?

Once you pick a document the app will show you the text and start reading.

Regarding the Chrome extension is very intuitive as well.

Speechify review by gradehacker

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