How to rank #1 on Google in 4 minutes

Step 1: Instal a Chrome extenstion, the Mozbar extension.

After you install it go here and make sure the MozBar extension is there. Step 2 is to do some keyword research. Let’s give an example, to make things clear and simple. let’s say I’m in the tech field and I’m promoting laptops to make comission via affiliate marketing. What you are going to do is to ifind some keywords to rank on top of Google. For example these keywords: Best laptops. Your target is to identify a keyword that people are searching for and position your site on top of Google’s firtst page search results

This awesome tool will give you lots of keyword ideas. Free Keyword Research Tool .Step 2 is to find keytboard ideas with search volume 500 or more. I did the reasearhrch and dound this ketword; Best gaming laptop under 1500. Now I will copy this and go to Goolgle, and paste ans searcg. What you have to do now is to find the Gateway website.

You need to login to your account on Moz to acceess these features.

The Gateway Website

The gateway is the website where we can break through and put your website on top of Google.

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