Learn English learning history: Gutemberg and the printing press invention

Chapter 1: Johannes Gutemberg and the printing press.

Gutemberg Press Story

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Did you know that inventor Johannes Gutemberg cancelled his marriage to invent the printing press?

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I invented a machine to print books, the printing press. After my invention books were cheaper and easier to make. Books spread ideas around the world. I started the information age, but during my life no one valued my work. I went to school in Mainz, Germany. When I was young, there were very few books because i t took several weeks to make one copy. Books were written by hand, usually by the priests. They wrote with a quill – a pen made from a bird’s feather and it was not always easy to read their handwriting – I asked myself: Can I invent a amachine to put words on paper? The machine will make more books in less time.

My training as a goldsmith gave me good ideas for a printing press. I started my experiment in Strattsburgh in 1436 – I had a girlfriend and we were engaged but I didn’t have very much money, so I couldn’t get married and do the experiments as well. I had to decide Should I get married or continue my work at my printing press. It was so hard to decide that I couldn’t sleep at night. Finally after a lot of thinking I told my girlfriend Im really sorry but I cant get married..

Chapter 2: Louis Braille and the alphabet for the blind

We needed an easy system, could I invent one?

When I was a child I was curious like most boys. My father had a workshop and made harnesses for horses. One day I picked up a very sharp tool from my fathers table and it hurt me badly. My eye became infected even thought the doctor tried to helo me. I was 5 years old when i couldn’t see the sun, the fields or the blue skies anymore.

One day my father heard about a school for blind people in Paris and decided to take me there.

Do you have books for a blind person? I asked.

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