Text to speech converter FREE tool

Text to speech tools

Kevin here, I will show you how you can take text and turn it into speech – This is also called TTS – Text to speech.

Why using text-to-speech? Maybe you want to include your voice on top of a video.

How to convert text tinto speech with free pre-installed apps.

One of this one included with Windows 110 is called OneNote for Windows 10 – Type in on the search and click on the match. If you search for One Note and you don’t see anything show up don’t worry, you can still get it for free. Type “one note” on the windows tap, download it and install it. Here’s some text Ive composed that I want the computer read to me. To have the computer read to me on top theres all this different taps.. here’s one called “reader” tHat one makes it really east to focus on the text reading.

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