Are you starting a niche site? Do this

Niche site business

The more than you learn, the more success you’ll have.

Piveting is a crucial component to running an online business.

When you are pigeon hole in just one niche..

If you just create something on the side and you build this website and no one knows about it it’s really easy to quit that.

The odds of quiting are so much higher

When you are in one tiny niche site, who is going to work with you? Companies in that niche.

You really limit the amount of partnerships you can make, you also lower your revenue ceiling. You can tap pot your potential niche.

How many articles do you need? How much revenue you want from your blog?

The odds of choosing the perfect niche at the beginning. It’s kinds difficult when you are just starting out because we are not SEO experts.

If you are a beginner and have some experience but you have not built yet one blog to make it profitable, it is more difficult but gets easier overtime.

I was a middle manager in the tech industry. Even a little thing can push you forward in a niche.

Here is the most common question: What niche should I choose? Tell me my niche, what’s the best niche?

I have no experience, no leverage, multiple hobbies all over the place and I live in my mom’s basement.

Let’s look at the limiting belief.

What makes a good niche?
Finance. All the financial sites can make ton of money, because they can get percentage of huge sales. Something like 10% of $100,000 dollars. But of course it is so competitive.

Software. Software is great for the recurring nature of the affiliate program, that’s why it’s compettitive too. It builds stability, I don’t worry much about traffic fluctuations.

Phsycal products. Anything like outdoor, kitchen, patio, recreational stuff. Think of Amazon, every product category is searchable by Google.
Affiliate commissionss come one a one tiem payment. These are less compettitive becaus eyou don’t need as many links , you just write articles on products.

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