How to do Text to Speech on TikTok (Video tutorial)

Using TikTok Text to Speech

If you’ve been going on TikTok you’ve noticed there is this huge trend of text to speech on your TikTok. You can basically do this if you want to get a Siri voice on your specific TikTok as well.

You don’t have to download a new app or do anything, it is just a bit of a different process that you may thing. Open the TikTok app, push the button as if you are making a new TikTok. You will have to go ahead and film the video first and you have to make sure that the text to speech is as long as the video is.

How to do text to speech on TikTok

Typically as you know, the speech will go over this video, so we are going to go ahead and make this video like this.. and then once we are done, we want to go down and click the accept button down here. Now, this is important.. you have to make sure that the length of the video matches the text length.. How long is the person speaking.

Firstly we will add a text, click on the text tool and type whatever you want to type. Once you are done with typing, go ahead and click “done”. You cana change fonts to the style you want. What you can do after you got the text down, go ahead and click on the text and you will see the very first option that says “text to speech” – You want to go ahead and lick on it, and what it will happen is basically an AI voice will read it out loud. You can also control the volume for it up and down as much as you want to, to change the background noise. That’s pretty much it.

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