How to grow on YouTube? Ultimate YouTube guide for 2022

Learn how to grow on YouTube

Find a niche that you are passionate about and start creating content consistently.

Keyword research can help you in many ways. It is a good idea generator, and will also help you learn the language. You can apply this to your titles, even the word you say on camera.

Not recording video yet, more planning to do.

The thing that really helps guide you in a video and keep you focused is knowing what the title it. It tells you what the video is about, and why you should care.

Avoid long titles: After 50+ characters they get cut off

For example, the idea was on the topic of: How to get 1,000 subscribers. But that title has been done before many. times.

on Youtube already. So we played out with the idea and came out with the title of: Still under 1000 subscribers? This might be Why. The first part of the title identifies who is this video for. Thin of it like this, identify your idea as a headline. Thea amazing tittles, the thumbnails, . Check out this title: Talking pitbull.

The first thing viewers see is the thumbnail

Verify that Youtube channel after you create one. That will allow you to upload custom thumbnails. Along with planning and research try to do the thumbnails. Communicate one idea – 3. No more than one dominant color. 4- Increase saturation 5 – Replace backgrounds to reduce clutter . 6 Buy a ring light, they are brilliant. 7 Left to right, no negative blank space. 8. 9 . Max four thumbnails. The key is to keep it simple. VidIQ has a very handy tool to helo you with this.

Catch the viewers Hook, line & Sinker

You will lose a large portion of the audience in teh first 30 seconds of your video. So it is up to you and your skills to.

The impact your videos have on your viewers is the most satisfying one.

Video Hook

Make it snappy and deliver what you promise immediately, avoid branded intros. Do you want to introduce yourself? Fine, do it later after you develop what you promise.

Do something funny, unique that catches the viewrs offguard.

Why descriptions are worth writing.

There is a concept called above the fold. You will see two lines , the first 150 characters are crucial. In t his 150 characters you should tell the user what this video is about and why he should watch it.

Video chapters or time stamps – Are they a good thing or bad thing for your videos?

As a creator, do you want your viewers to leave your videos feeling frustrated or satisfied?

Your secret weapon

Youtube end screens.

I believe that today’s quantity leads to tomorrow’s quality.

When you are new to Youtube, no one, and unfortunately no one knows who you are, including Youtube’s recognizing system: The algorithm.

I would suggest, for the avg channel, in the first 6 month aiming to make 25 to 20 videos.

From the algorithm perspective it will start to understand your niche.

Youtube requires thousands of hours in learning.

You got nothing to lose when you start your new channel. Optimizing your video content, Learning what it takes to make quality videos.

You are not the only creator on Toutube that is passionate for a topic.

Not only should you come up with ideas.

There are many video formats.

The classic “versus” format.

How to grow on Youtube in 2022 – Ultimate guide

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