Subtitling 101 – What is subtitling?


Subtitling 101 – What is subtitling?

Video content has been and still is extremely important, a necessary way to communicate.This of course includes the workplace, where -for instance- more people are even deciding to create videos instead of sending an email.

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This video will be split into different parts. Different aspects of subtitling, requirements and skill set necessary to do this services. To finish off you will get a quick demostration with the tools I’m actually using.

PART 1 – The aspects of subtitling – Before you start subtitling you really need to make sure what the client is actually asking of you. Subtitling and subtitle translations can come in many different forms. Maybe your client simply wants a transcription, makybe that’s all they need. This is usually the first step I do. Maybe the request goes further, they need and SRT file.. after you transcribe tthe feile you need to spot the subtitles. You do this in a subtitle tool.. M;aybe the client needs closed captions.. Usually in square. brackets you can read noises on screen. if I read “clapping” it will show clapping oh screen. Also it could be translation, which is a different thing.

If I’m doing the transcription, if I’m doing the trainsporting all in GErmab..

Learning subtitling

PART 2, Requirements and skillsets you need to be a subtitler., to ffer this as your service. In my translation studies I specialze in multimodal communication . We do subtitling and respeaking as well. If you want to specialize in subtitling aI recommend you get education in audioviosual communication, or maybe a class even you know – I’m going to try to find a good class on Coursera or something and link it in the description.

There are a lot of ver good books.

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