Create animated presentations with PowerPoint

How to create animated videos with PowerPoint

How to create animated videos with PowerPoint? Not the boring guy witth boring slides. Use animated videos with PowerPoint to take your presentation to the next level.

If you are more of an advanced user you can head to sites like . Inkscape is another good software. If you are less of an advanced user or not comfortable using vector files you can get these images from powerpoint. Click on “online pictures”, this choudl give you many images with transparency you could use.

First of all you create a background, CTRL COPY, head over to PowerPoiint and right click with your mouse.. on tyhe option picture or text..

If you are using Adobe Illusttrtor to do this .. click on setk online piuctures , find a hospital image an duse that for your background.

Copy each individual character and paste them within powerpoint to fit properly within teh scene.

Just go ahead and reaeat the exact same thing, scale t hem properly until they all fit well.

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